How do I make a payment using the Virtual Terminal?

1)    Log in to your account

2)    On the left hand menu click the option labeled: “Virtual Terminal”

3)    Use the Virtual Terminal Drop down menu to select which one you’d like to use to make payments.


Please Note: If you have not saved a terminal you must first create a terminal.


4)    Enter the Customer Details. If you do not have Customer Details on your saved terminal, proceed to the next step.

Please Note: You may select to 'Use Existing Contact' if this customer has paid you before or enter the Email address, First and Last Name for the person who is making the payment


6)    Select the method of payment they are using

7)    Enter the required information to submit the payment

Please Note: To remember payment information, click the check box labeled 'remember for future'


8)    Click 'Submit' to process the payment

9)    After clicking Submit, you will be shown a receipt, like the one below:


Remember that you can always print out a receipt if there is a customer in front of you by simply clicking "Print" on your screen. Two receipts will print out, one a customer copy and the other will be a merchant copy which can be signed and kept for future reference. 


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