How do I create/add more email templates?

Adding a new email template takes only a couple seconds. You have two options for adding a new template:

1. Create your own new email template.

2. Use an existing template to create a new email template.

Create your own template by following the steps below:

1. Click the Add Template button on the Templates tab, shown below in blue.

2. Use the [Name] field to give your template a name

3. Use the [Subject] field to create the Subject line that your recipient will see in their email.

4. In the [Body] field, you can type in or use html to create the message that your recipient will see when they open their email request.

a. In the [Body] field, you can use Variables to add contact specific information into each of your emails, shown below in red.

i. Adding variables is a great way to personalize your emails.

b. To add a variable to your email, simply insert the Variable you would like to use from the Variable box as shown in the example below:

c. To add a new Variable to your email, simply put the variable name in brackets as shown below:

5. Click Save to create your new template that is ready for use.  


Use an existing template to save time when creating new templates by following the steps below: 

1. Click on the pen icon to edit an existing template.

2. Make any changes you would like to the [Name], [Subject], and [Body]

3. When you have finished modifying the template, click Save As New Template to make your new template.

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