How do I connect data to the forms builder?

The Data Manager takes you to a page where you can upload a batch or enter a single record. Each record represents the payment related information your customer can access using a "lookup" (E.g: invoice no., customer ID, etc.) when they visit your web site to make a payment. The data you upload can include attachments with the option for password protection. This process can be manual (as shown below), or automated using our Web services.

To add an attachment to your upload file, include the name of the file in the CSV file. When first saved that attachment file will be displayed in red. After you upload the actual file attachment as a Zip file the file name text will switch to blue indicating that the file is attached. You can upload one or many file attachments and they will sync up with the correct file names so your customers get the correct attachments.

Example: Your customer Bob Smith enters his Account Number in the Online Form and is presented with any outstanding items (that you connected) for payment.

And if Bob tries to pay later than due date a PAST DUE AMOUNT is included automatically based on the dates and past due amounts you set.

In addition to adding or uploading a file you can convert to a Zip file (for larger files).

Uploading Form Data information into the system must be in the form of a CSV file. Please use the following tips to make sure the file is in the proper format.

- The file must be a CSV file
- A link to a sample file is included in the “Upload Data List” pop-up window
- First row must contain header information as show below.

  • Lookup Field1 - 50 characters
  • Lookup Field2 - 50 characters
  • Description - 120 characters
  • Amount - valid numeric field with 2 decimals
  • StartDate - data in MM-dd-yyyy format
  • EndDate - data in MM-dd-yyyy format
  • PastdueDate - data in MM-dd-yyyy format
  • Pastdue Amount - valid numeric field with 2 decimals
  • File Name - 20 characters
  • File Password - 20 characters
  • Password Hint - 20 characters
  • SMS Phone

Here is an example of a single record imported file:

In this example the customer coming to make payment would enter “1234" to look up their account and see that they owe $50.00 for a Service Fee.

This feature also is a good way to only accept payments of someone "on your list" by limiting access to the secure payments page.   

See more on creating a Data Form.


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