What is the data manager?

The following instructions will explain how to add data to your Data Manager to accept payments through a form with a lookup field and through the Interactive Voice Response (IVR). To create a data, follow these instructions:

Note: You will need to add a Lookup field to your online form

If you have enabled IVR, you will need to make sure that your lookup field (unique identifier) is known by your customers so that they may submit payment.

 1. Select Data Manager.

 2. Select the Online Form you

will be adding the data to and then select Add Data, shown below in blue.


 3. Fill in your data.

[Lookup1 Label]: Label of the lookup field on your online form. Ex: Invoice No

Note: If you are utilizing the IVR, your IVR Key (three digits) will automatically populate the lookup field. Please enter your customers invoice behind your IVR Key. When providing the invoice number to your customer the IVR key should be included.

[Lookup2 Label]: Label of the lookup field on your online form.
The total requested dollar amount.
Description of the data you are adding; example Water Bill.
[Start Date]:
Select a Start Date for accepting payments.
[End Date]:
Choose an End Date to no longer accept payments.
[Pastdue Date]:
Set the date the amount will change to [Pastdue Amount]
[Pastdue Amount]:
The total dollar amount if past the due date.
[File Name]:
If you are adding an attachment, you will input the file name here.
[File Pwd]:
Password protect your attachment.
[Pwd Hint]:
Password hint for your customer.
[SMS Phone]:
Send a text message with a link, letting your customer know their payment is due.



 4. Once you are finished adding your data, click save.

 5. Your customer will now enter the value you created, shown below, to pay their balance.


Note: To remove data, check the box for the data you wish to remove and select Delete Data, shown below in blue.


Upload Data List

You may also upload your data into your account. By selecting Upload Data List.

1. Create your upload file.

2. Click on Upload Data List.

3. Click on the Browse option to search for your file. 

4. Once you have selected your file, click Submit and it will import your data.

Upload File

To make your upload file, use the simple instructions below:

1. First open Excel, the first row should contain headers with the field names below.

2. Enter all of customer data starting in the second row.

  • Lookup Field1 - 50 characters
  • Lookup Field2 - 50 characters
  • Amount - valid numeric field with 2 decimals
  • Description - 120 characters
  • StartDate - data in mm-dd-yyyy format
  • EndDate - data in mm-dd-yyyy format
  • PastdueDate - data in mm-dd-yyyy format
  • Pastdue Amount - valid numeric field with 2 decimals
  • File Name - 20 characters
  • File Password - 20 characters
  • Password Hint - 20 characters
  • SMS Phone - 10 characters

3. Once you have added all of your data, click on File, then click the Save As... option

4. Name your file and change the Save as Type option to CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)

5. Click Save and your file is ready to be uploaded.

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