How can I integrate Dropbox to linked2pay?

Integrating your Dropbox account with linked2pay’s Online Forms is a perfect way to have your customers upload any file to you while they submit a payment, helping you stay organized. The uploaded files will be stored in your Dropbox account and linked to your linked2pay reporting for quick retrieval. Follow these easy steps and you’ll be ready in minutes.

First off, make sure you sign into your linked2pay and from there:

1. Create a Dropbox account at You will need to provide a First Name, Last Name, email address and password.

2. Once logged into Dropbox, you’re going to create an app, to do so go to and select “App Console” from the left-hand menu.

3. Once there, select the “Create App” button which is located on the right-hand corner.

4. Make sure to select “Dropbox API app” on the next screen.

5. Click ‘Yes’ on “Can your app be limited to its own folder?”

6. Name your app, we suggest using the name of your form. Once you have set a name, click “Create App”.


You’re almost done!

7. Once you’ve created your app, you’ll be taken to the App’s Settings page. Make sure you scroll down to the “App Key” and “App Secret” section.

A. Copy and paste the App Key into Text Editor or Notepad.

B. Now that you’ve copied your App Key, select “show” under “App Secret”, this will reveal your “App Secret”. Also copy this to your text editor or notepad. These two fields will be what you’ll need to enter on your linked2pay account.

8. Sign into your linked2pay account and go to Forms Builder.

9. Once there, create a new form and in Step 1 of creating the form, mark the “Upload files to Dropbox” check box.

10. You will now enter the “API Key” and “API Secret” information you copied earlier into your Notepad or Text Editor. After you have entered that information, make sure to click “Connect to Dropbox”

11. At this point, you will most likely receive a notification on allowing window Pop Ups, make sure to click “Allow” to allow this on your web browser. If Pop Ups were not allowed, you will have to re-click on the “Connect to Dropbox” button to bring up the Pop Up window again.

12. Click “Allow” to allow your App that you created to have access to its own folder.

13. You will now see a long code on screen, copy that code and close the Pop Up window.

14. Paste the long code you just copied into the “Dropbox Code” field and click “Integrate Dropbox”, then click “Next”.

15. On Step 2 of created the form, make sure you add the “Dropbox” field to your form by simply dragging it and dropping it onto the right -hand side of your screen. Now continue on and save your form

16. You’re done! You have successfully integrated your Dropbox to your linked2pay account! Further, all the documents you receive will be neatly saved in your linked2pay History under transaction details.

Please Note: Your customer will be able to see the document that was submitted by simply clicking on the appropriate link that will be displayed in their receipt.


Files and Reporting

Both you and your users are able to keep on top of the files you’re receiving by looking at the files your customers are submitting through your history and through their receipts.

To view files through your history:

1. Simply log into your linked2pay account.

2. Select Reporting from the left-hand tabs, and then select History.

3. Select “View” for whichever transaction you’d like to see-

4. Now select “File-1” and you’ll be able to see the form that was submitted to you!

To view the form your client has submitted to you via their receipts, first you must turn on emailed notifications. For instructions on how to do that, look here. After you’ve received a copy of your customer’s receipt:

1. Simply open up the emailed receipt so you may view it.

2. Click on File-1 and you’ll be able to see the form that was submitted to you!

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