How do I create a Virtual Terminal?

1) Log in to your account

2) On the left hand menu click the option labeled: “Virtual Terminal”

3) The first time you access this page, you need to create a Terminal

4) Use the Terminal name field to label your Virtual Terminal.

a) Maximum of 20 characters.

5) You can also select if you would like to send out a same day ACH credit, if so please select "Yes" under "Do you want to send Same Day ACH credit?" 

Note: For more information on Same Day ACH, please go to our Same Day ACH help

6) You can also select whether or not you will be using a swiping device in conjunction with the Virtual Terminal. If you will be using a swiper, please select the appropriate model. If you will not be swiping credit cards, select “No”.


“Next” located at the bottom of your screen.

7) Email, First Name, and Last Name are required fields. Business Name and Reference ID are optional. When the 'Use default contact' option is enacted, a default contact is set that can be overwritten by utilizing 'hide' mode, at that point the contact details are hidden and do not appear on the screen.

Please Note: The reference ID label can be set in 'Settings'; if a label is not set it will default to 'Reference ID'. The reference ID input section will allow you to either set the reference ID as an input type or dropdown selection field with data chosen from the reference ID manager. 

 Select to either process transactions by entering an email address, phone number, or both.



Additional required or unrequired fields may be added by clicking on the checkbox of the provided fields below or adding new fields by clicking on the 'Add Field' option:

Note: saved contacts may be brought up by using email and phone number. Once the contact has been brought up, the first & last name fields will auto-fill along with the business name if it was allowed. 

a) First label your variable. “Invoice No”, for example.


b) Then select the Type of data you want to capture:

  1. Alpha-Numeric: This lets you use letters, numbers and symbols.
  2. Numeric: This lets you use Numbers only.
  3. Date: store a date in mm/dd/yyyy format

c. If you’d like to make the variable required in order to submit a payment, simply click the “Required” checkbox

  1. Leaving it unchecked will make it an Optional field

Once you have finished adding the desired fields, select “Save” and continue on by selecting “Next” at the bottom of the screen.

7) Select if the field should be displayed on the customer emailed receipt. You can also select between sending an emailed receipt or not.

a) You can customize how your customer’s emailed receipts will look to include a message, barcode, clickable links, or images. You can set those settings by doing the following:

b) Check the “Add custom content to your receipts” checkbox.

c) Once marked a text editor box will appear where you can enter your custom message; include a link, or an image.

d) To include a scanable barcode to your receipt, simply click on the “Add barcode to receipts” checkbox, this is an optional setting.

e) Click the Save button to apply settings to your Virtual Terminal. Now your custom message and barcode will display on your customer’s receipts.

8) You will be asked if you would like to make this terminal your default terminal, if so select “Yes” and proceed by selecting “Submit” at the bottom of your screen.



9. Once you have successfully set up the terminal, you will see a congratulatory message from Stan.

Note1: You can make as many Terminals as you need. Simply click 'Create a New Terminal' anytime you need to make a new terminal. You can also edit a virtual terminal as needed by clicking the “Edit” button in the bottom right hand corner of the page when you’ve selected a saved terminal.

Note2: Level II processing is available for the virtual terminal and can be enabled in card settings with TSYS card processing.

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