How does reporting for recurrring payments work?

We make recurring payments easy with simplified reporting.  It is important to note that your customers are not required to accept recurring payment schedules.  They are always provided the option to make a one-time payment instead of agreeing to the requested schedule.  The following legend describes the five (5) different states that a recurring item can be displayed with: 

 This icon indicates that a recurring payment has been "Requested". 
 This icon indicates that a recurring payment schedule has been "Accepted" by your customer.  
 This icon indicates that the recurring payment schedule was "Declined, but customer did make one-time payment". 
 This icon indicates that the recurring payment schedule is "Complete".  The customer has no additional recurring payments.
 This icon indicates that the recurring payment schedule was "Canceled" and no further recurring payments will be made. 

We've also made it easy to see recurring payments associated with the item you are looking at.  When clicking to "View" the transaction's details, you can use the section titled "Recurring Terms" to see (1) The payment schedule agreed to by your customer, (2) the total number of payments received from your customer, (3) all recurring payments made to date and (4) the date that the next payment is schedule for. 

Important note: If your client has agreed to recurring ACH payments and the Next Payment Date falls on a Weekend or Holiday, the payment will be initiated the next business day.

Canceling Recurring Payments

As the merchant, you are allowed to cancel your customer's recurring payment schedule at any time.  To do this, follow these simple instructions: 

  1. Go to the History tab and find the payment request you'd like to cancel. 
  2. Click on the magnifying glass icon to the right of the request to view item details. 
  3. Under the "Recurring Information" section, click "Cancel future payments"
  4. Clicking this link will close out any future schedule payments.

Note: Any payments that are submitted prior to canceling the payment schedule will be processed and funded to your account.

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