How can I add data to the mobile app?

Data records can be created with payment information like email, address, payment amount, phone number etc. A LookUp field created using the mobile terminal gives you the ability to retrieve this recorded information instantly using the mobile application

To create a Data Record:

1. Create a LookUp field using the mobile terminal and save the terminal. Steps 1-5 on Adding Fields.

2. Navigate to the Data Manager page by clicking on the sidebar link.

3. Select the Mobile Template with the LookUp field from the Select Online Form drop down menu.


4. You can either Upload a Data List saved as a CSV file or manually enter a single data record.

Available fields names are :


5. When the data is loaded to your mobile template, it can now be retrieved by entering the assigned value. i.e Order No., Invoice No. in the Lookup field of the mobile application.

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