How do I schedule reports to go out?

1. Select Reporting from the sidebar menu, then "Create/View Reports"
2. Select the report you would like to Schedule Emails for.

3. At the bottom of the page select Schedule, shown below in blue.


4. Select the starting date for reports to send out.


5. Select whether you want your report to get emailed daily, weekly, or monthly.

6. Check the 'Only if there is data' check box if you do not want to receive the report if there is no activity.

7. Enter the email address the reports are to be sent to and click the "Add" symbol shown below.


8. Click Save

9. You should now see scheduled reports at the bottom of the your reports page. At any time you can delete a scheduled report by hitting the "minus" button or edit your scheduled report by hitting the "pencil" button shown below.



Editing the report recipients

If you would like to edit the recipient list for your report, please follow the quick steps below:

1. First go to Reporting>Create/View Reports (located on the left-hand side of the screen)

2. From there, scroll to the bottom of the report and click on the pencil icon located under "Actions"


3. From there, click on the X icon to delete anyone from the reporting list. Don't forget to save!


4. To add add more recipients, enter their email address in the box and click on the green circle icon. After that, you'll see their email was added to the drop down. Don't forget to save!




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