How do I create additional users?

 1. Log into your account.

 2. Select Settings in the left-hand menu.

 3. Scroll to "Users with Access" and select add user.

 4. Fill out the required user information.

 Note: You may select to make your user an Admin, Manager or a regular user. Role functions are listed below:

Admin: Has complete access to the account- may make changes and may see all transactions coming into the account

Manager: Has more limited access to the account, may see all transactions coming into the account but may not make any changes

User: Can only see transactions they themselves run (through the Virtual Terminal) which means they cannot view transactions made through the online forms. Also, they cannot make changes to the account


 5. Once completed click Save.

 6. To change the existing user role, simply click “view” and select the user role you’d like to re-assign to your existing user and then select 'Save'.

7. To Delete a user, click on the 'Delete' button, when it asks you to confirm, click 'Yes I am sure'


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