How do I customize a receipt?

If you would like to include a custom image or company logo to be displayed on the payment page and on your customer’s payment receipts, follow these steps:

1.  In the Settings page under Company Profile click  'Edit' and then on the  Choose button.


2.  Select the image file you would like to upload, and then click the upload button.

Note:  Image size should be 300px by 100px or smaller.

3.  When image has been successfully uploaded, it will be displayed  your payment page and customer receipts.



Adding a Custom Message to Your Receipts

You can further customize your receipts by adding a custom message to them. To do so, simply 

1. Go to your Settings page on the left-hand side of the screen

2. From there go to "Company Profile" and select "Add Custom Message to Receipts"

3. Make your edits to the receipt and select "Save" from the bottom of the screen. 

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