Same-Day ACH Credits/Debits

Requesting Same Day ACH

Before being able to send a Same Day ACH you must first enable this service.

You may do so by going to your Settings page then clicking on ACH Settings.  Click on the “Same Day” tab on the top right corner of the ACH Settings portlet.

From there you will need to enable at least one security feature to process Same Day ACH transactions.  Enter your static IP Address and/or any authorized user’s 10-digit cell phone number.

When the Static IP address checkbox is selected, you will be able to submit Same Day ACH transaction if you are logged in with the specified IP address.   

Also, when the Cell Phone Number checkbox is selected, all authorized cell phone users will be provided with a PIN that is sent via text message to authorized Same Day ACH processing.  

Please Note:  If the entered PIN does not match, the user will be denied access to the Same Day ACH service.  

Once you have entered all the required information, select the “Enable Same Day ACH” at the bottom of the section.





Funding Same Day ACH

Once Same Day ACH has been approved you will receive a Funding email to fund your balance for Same Day ACH Credits. By clicking on the “Add Funds” button located within your email you will be redirected to your portal’s dashboard.  There you will use the My Balance tile to submit funding transactions.


You will see your real-time balance and will be able to add additional funds to your Same Day ACH balance by clicking on “Fund Me” on your dashboard portal.  Upon submission of funds, the transaction will have a “Pending” status, once funds have cleared status will change to say “Funded”.

There will be a cut off time for all Same Day ACH of 12:00PM ET. All transactions that are submitted after 12:00 PM ET will be processed next day.

Funding is based on your approved ACH limits. The max amount that can be sent in one transaction is based on the 'ACH Daily Limit' and the max amount that may be funded is based on the 'ACH Hard Limit'.

Please note: You may always Request Higher Limits/Faster Funding



Using Virtual Terminal for Same Day ACH

One way to process a Same Day ACH Credit will be within the Virtual Terminal.  You can either edit an existing terminal or make a new one.  In the first step of the Virtual Terminal there will be a drop down that will ask “Do you want to send Same Day ACH credit?”, select yes and proceed to the end of all the steps.

Once Same Day ACH is enabled on the Virtual Terminal a new payment method will be displayed on the terminal. Upon submission you will be asked to provide your PIN that is sent to your cell phone via SMS.  If PIN matches, transaction will be submitted.

Single Same Day ACH transactions may not exceed $25,000. Also as credits are processed, it will subtract from current Pre-Funding balance. If a credit transaction will exceed the Prefunding balance a displayed message will say “Cannot process transaction, amount exceeds the Pre-Funding Balance”. Transaction will not be submitted for processing.



Using Send Payment for Same Day ACH

In the Send Payment page, you will be able to specify if the request should be sent as a “Same Day ACH” request. If set to “YES” then the same day ACH will be eligible for Same Day processing as long as it is sent before the Same Day ACH cut off time. If request is sent after the cut off time the transaction will no longer be eligible for same day processing and will be treated as a normal transaction.

Client will receive email with a new message notifying client of the Same Day funding if processed before the cut off times for the day.


You will now be able to check your History for status updates.


Same Day ACH Debits


To request Same Day ACH Debits please follow the quick and easy steps below:

Go to ACH Settings>Accept

Fill out the fields you and select ‘Request Same Day ACH’

Once you’ve requested same day ACH, you will receive an email and notice a banner on the account requesting further documentation. Select the banner and upload the information that is requested

Once the documentation that is requested is uploaded and approved, you will receive an email letting you know your request for same day ACH was approved. Now, you can go ahead and fund your reserve account.

You can also fund the account by going to the Dashboard, clicking on the “Receive Balance” tab and selecting the ‘Fund Me’ button.  This will open a window allowing you to specify the amount to fund. 

Along with funding your balance you will see an “Approved Limit” and “Percentage to Reserve”.  Your approved limit is the maximum limit you are approved for; however, to get that maximum limit you will need to fund your reserve account equal to the percentage set on the “Percentage to Reserve”

Example:  if you were approved for to receive $100,000 in Same Day ACH payments, and a 15% reserve was also set then you will need to fund $15,000.  You can fund less than $15,000 but your actual limit will also be reduced.

Once your balance is funded, you are ready to send Same Day requests.

Sending Same Day ACH debits

Go to Email>Request Payment and select ‘Add Contact’

Now you will see the ‘Add Contact’ page appear and you will be able to fill in the fields and select the “Add Contact” button

Once you’ve done that, you’ll select the ‘Add Contact’ button and then select the ‘Send Emails’ button

Your client will receive the following email:


At point, the customer would select the ‘Pay Now’ button and enter the bank account information and receive both an emailed and onscreen receipt

Congratulations! You’ve just received your first same day ACH debit payment!


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