How do I view opted out contacts?

Your customer has two options once a SMS payment request has been received:

A) The first option would be to click on the first link that appears on the SMS message (image below). This link will send them to a secure payment page, they would then fill out the required fields and successfully submit a payment.

B) Their second option (image below) is to click on the second link that appears on the SMS message which is an opt-out link. Clicking on this link will allow them to opt-out from receiving future SMS payment requests.


To see your opted out contacts, you simply need to sign into your portal and:

1. Select "Online Forms" from the left-hand menu

2. Click on "SMS Payment" from the dropdown that appears

3. At that point, navigate to the bottom of the page and select "View your Opted Out Contacts here"


A screen will pop up displaying all customers that have opted out of receiving a SMS payment request.

Note: if a customer has decided to receive text messages from your company once again, you have the option to select the button "Cancel Opt-Out" and have them accept SMS payment requests once again







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