Receiving an Invoice (customer view)

Once an invoice has been sent, the customer will receive an email notifying them of the invoice


The customer will then click on the ‘View Invoice’ button and then be directed to a screen where they will be able to pay all invoices that have been sent to them. On said screen, they’ll be able to decide which invoices to pay if they have multiple

The customer will also be able to select ‘View Invoice’ and see any notes that were added when the invoice was sent


Once the client selects ‘Pay Selected Invoices’, the client will be directed to the secure payment page where they’ll be able to submit both ACH or Credit card payments depending on what is allowed on the account


Once the transaction has been completed, the client will receive an emailed receipt and an onscreen receipt which they can print out. The paid transaction will now appear in the history page

Note: customers can also view, keep track of and pay invoices in their customer portal


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