Invoice History

to the Invoice History page.

  1. Go to Reporting
  2. From the drop down that appears, select ‘Invoice’
  3. You will be able to see all invoices that have been sent during that month and you’re able to filter by a variety of filters that ensure you'll be able to pull up the invoice you're looking for. 

Status of an Invoice

To view the status of an invoice, note the ‘Status’ field, you can click on the ‘All’ drop down and filter by invoice status

Sent: invoice has been sent, no action has been taken by client

Viewed: User has opened invoice but has not paid invoice

Void: Invoice was voided

Paid: Invoice has been paid, user can see the payment details by going to Reporting>History

Invoice Action

You can resend, mark an invoice as paid, void and download an invoice PDF by going to:

  1. Reporting>Invoice
  2. Navigating to the ‘Action’ column and selecting ‘Options’
  3. You’ll see a drop down menu, select the option you would like to go with
  4. Note the changes appear on screen if marking an invoice as paid or voiding



Pending approval status in the history

If an invoice is in “Pending Approval” status, then the invoice cannot be edited by this user or any other user. To view the status of an invoice that was sent out for approval, you may do so by:


  1. Selecting ‘Reporting’ > ‘Invoicing’


  1. On the top left corner; select date range needed


  1. Once the correct date range has been selected, all transactions will display with current ‘Status’


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