Allowing cookies for Google Chrome and Firefox

Having Cookies turned off when attempting to submit a transaction through the online form will lead to issues. Follow the simple steps below to turn cookies on for Google Chrome:


  1. On the top right corner go to Settings



  1. Select 'Advanced' (bottom of the page)



    3.Once selected, scroll to Content Settings 



  1. Select Cookies



      5.Make sure cookies isn’t 'Blocked' & also make sure the ‘Block third-party cookies’ option                is also disabled. 



  1. Once all steps have been completed, close out Chrome entirely and then reopen. You should be able to submit a payment without further issues


For Firefox:


  1. On top right corner go to Options



  1. On the left side of screen select 'Privacy & Security'



  1. On Content Blocking, make sure “Third-party Cookies’ is not checked off.



  4.Under Cookies and Site data, select 'Accept cookies & site data'



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