Instant Merchant Settlement Setup Guide

This guide is a process overview for requesting IMS services for merchants with a paycosmos MID.

Instant Merchant Settlement (IMS) allows you to get paid instantaneously as soon as you batch out. In order to enable IMS on your account, you must first be eligible:

IMS Eligibility

Before requesting IMS, you'll need to be processing for more than 60 days. However, merchants may be eligible to receive IMS as early as 30 days after the onset of processing if card processing statements are provided to underwriting to show a full transaction history. These can be provided by emailing

However, you'll also need to make sure that you're industry is supported for IMS, attached you'll see a full list of accepted MCC codes. 

In order to request IMS:

1. Sign into your account and go to IMS > Settings

2. Select the 'Request IMS' button

After you've successfully requested IMS, your request will be reviewed and our team will let you know via email once you're ready to move forward.



IMS Agreement 

Once our team has reviewed your account, you'll need to agree to the IMS terms and conditions. Once you've received and agreed to the terms, you'll be one step closer to receiving IMS!



Setting up IMS 

1. Go to the IMS Settings menu located on the left-hand side of the screen and select 'Settings'

2. Proceed to enter your debit card details into the 'IMS Settings' portlet and click on the 'Connect my Card' button

Once you've successfully added your debit card information to the portal, your account is reviewed and you are notified upon activation of IMS.



Batching Out

In order for your funds to be deposited into your account instantaneously, you need to batch out during the day. To batch out, follow the quick steps below

1. Make sure you signed into your paycosmos portal

2. Go to the IMS menu and select "Settings", from there enter the times you'd like to batch out automatically. Once you've added the times you'd like to batch out, you'll start to receive your instant funding!


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