Real Time Payment (RTP)

A Real-Time Payment (RTP) is a payment that can be sent using an email from the portal, or utilizing an API. When accepted by the recipient it is posted instantly to their specified account. The below instructions cover how to send a Real Time Payment by email through the online portal.

Start off by navigating to Payment Processing, then Emails dropdown and Send Payment in the left-hand menu after logging in. If RTP is enabled, there will be an option for Real Time Payment.

On the Real Time Payment page contacts may be added, uploaded (Via CSV), or an existing contact may be selected.

Once all contacts have been added click the 'Send Emails' button in the bottom right to send an email credit to your customer(s).

The customer will receive an email notice from the corresponding company and will select 'Click to Accept Credit'.

The customer will navigate to a secure page and will fill in any of the missing required information and accept the credit to their card. After accepting, they will see this amount in the card's corresponding account.


Enable RTP

Towards the bottom of the left-side of the page find Settings, select Payment Types, then RTP. Click the blue edit icon before filling out all the fields and finally clicking Request RTP Service. You will receive an email upon approval. 


Video Tutorial

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