Days to Pay

The Days to Pay option is the number of days you will allow your email request to stay active.  When you send email payment requests to your customers, a payment request link will be embedded in the email, if the request is not paid within the set length in the Days to Pay field (located in the optional settings), the link will expire and the contact will no longer be able to make a payment.


Note: The default value is set for 7 days.

When your customer is taken to the secure payment page, they will have the option of selecting what day they would like the payment to be submitted based on the allowable time frame given.

If the expiration date has been reached, your customer will be directed to “request has expired” page. You will need to resend the payment request so your contact is able to make a payment to you or offer them another means of making payment.

You will also be notified of an expired payment request in your History page


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