Connecting a Swiper to the Virtual Terminal

To setup your Magtek Mini or a Dynamag card reader to work with your Virtual Terminal:

1. Plug your Dynamag reader into a USB port on your computer

2. Access the Virtual Terminal located on the sidebar

3. On the Virtual Terminal page, create a new Terminal or simply edit an existing terminal by selecting Edit at the top of the page and then select to swipe card

4. Once card reader has been selected, continue to setup the Virtual Terminal


5. Once the Virtual Terminal is setup, continue by filling in all the contact information for your customer

6. When all the information has been filled in, click the green Swipe MINI option, located on the bottom right-hand side of the window

7. You will now be able to swipe cards

After the card has been successfully swiped, you will be able to print out a receipt with a signature line included for your customer to swipe or continue making transaction
Click Back to Virtual Terminal to process more payments.

Note: The swipe function is only available to TSYS multiplass merchant accounts.

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