Connecting Data to the Online Forms Builder

The Data Manager takes you to a page where you can upload a batch or enter a single record. Each record represents the payment related information which your customer can access using a lookup that you specify (Ex: invoice no., customer ID, etc.) when they visit your website to make a payment. The data you upload can include attachments with the option for password protection. This process can be manual (as shown below), or automated using our Web services.

Adding Data to Data Manager for Online Form & IVR

Uploading Form Data information into the system must be in the form of a CSV file. Please use the following tips to make sure the file is in the proper format.


- The file must be a CSV file
- A link to a sample file is included in the 'Upload Data List' pop-up window
- First row must contain header information as show below:

  • Lookup Field1 - 50 character max
  • Lookup Field2 - 50 character max
  • Description - 120 character max
  • Amount - valid numeric value with 2 decimal places
  • Start Date - data in MM-DD-YYYY format
  • End Date - data in MM-DD-YYYY format
  • Pastdue Date - data in MM-DD-YYYY format
  • Pastdue Amount - valid numeric value with 2 decimal places
  • File Name - 20 character max
  • File Password - 20 character max
  • Password Hint - 20 character max
  • SMS Phone Number

Here is an example of a single record imported file:


In this example the customer coming to make a payment would enter 1234 in Lookup1 to quickly find their account and see that they owe $50.00 for a Service Fee.

Note: This feature also is a good way to only accept payments of someone on your Data List by limiting access to the secure payments page.

See more on creating a Data Form.


Adding an Attachment to the Data

To add an attachment to your upload file, include the name of the file to the File Name field when inputting your data. After the data has been inputted, select the box to Attach a File, then select Upload File(s). When you upload the file attachment, you can upload anything relevant to the data (such as an invoice) as a Zip file. Once you "Choose" your zipped file, be sure to "Upload" it. As long as one of your data inputs has a matching file name then it will upload successfully. You can upload one or many file attachments and they will sync up with the correct file names so your customers get the correct attachments.





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