Enable IVR Service

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows you to connect your printed invoices to over the phone payments. Using IVR, your customers can dial in and pay you any day at any time while using a unique identifier that is printed on their invoice. That same unique identifier will retrieve their invoice online, giving your business a simple online self-serve pay window. Follow the steps below to activate IVR:

1. Sign-in to your account and select Settings which is located on the left-hand menu

2. Scroll down to the section entitled IVR Settings

3. Check the Enable IVR Service box. You will see a box appear that includes the IVR Phone Number and IVR Key. The phone number shown is the number to provide to your customers to make payments by phone

Now that the IVR is enabled, navigate to the Data Manager to add data (such as invoice number and amount) for your customers.

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