Canceling a Recurring Payment

As the merchant, you may cancel your customer's recurring payment schedule at any time. To do so, follow these simple instructions:

1.  Go to the History tab and find the payment request you'd like to cancel

2.  Click on the View button to the right of the request to view item details

3.  Under the Recurring Information section, click Cancel future payments    

4.  Clicking this link will close out any future scheduled payments

Note: Any payments that are submitted prior to canceling the payment schedule will be processed and funded to your account.

Secondary Note: 'Cancel future payment(s)' will only cancel the recurring schedule of the transaction. If the transaction was a future dated payment, the transaction will be run on the selected submit date as a one-time only payment: therefore, we suggest you void the transaction prior to the processing cutoff time.

Coming soon, 'Cancel future payment(s)' will also cancel a future dated transaction.

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