My Invoices

Once you have logged into your wallet, you can view or pay an any outstanding invoices. To start, log into your 'My wallet' account and select 'My Invoices' from the sidebar menu:


When customer logs into their wallet:

1. Select “My Invoices” from the sidebar menu. 

2. Set a date range to view. 

3. Set filter if you like to search by: Date, Invoice, Business name, First Name, last Name or Status.

4. Once you have found the item you’re looking for, you can either click the PDF Icon to either “Download PDF” or you can click the “Pay” icon to pay the outstanding invoice.

5. When you select the “Pay Icon” you’ll be able to pay any and all outstanding invoices.

6. Once you have selected the invoice you want to pay, you’ll be taken to a secure payment page.

7. Once you have successfully payed your selected invoice, you will receive your confirmation receipt on screen, remember that you’ll also receive an emailed receipt.

8. You can view all your invoice payment history by clicking on “My Payments”

9. Remember you can always locate any payment in the payment history by filtering by date range, company paid or by using of the filters you see below

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