Optional Email Settings


Days to Pay

The Days to Pay option is the number of days you will allow your payment request to stay active. When you send an email request to your customers, a payment request link will be embedded in the email, if the request is not paid within the set length in the Days to Pay field, the link will expire and the contact will no longer be able to make a payment.

Reminder Email

If the Reminder Email is checked, a second payment request email will be sent 3 days prior to the original request's expiration date. This new email will include the original request for payment with a new subject line that can be customized in the Reminder Email Subject field.

Total Payments Accepted

The total number of allowed payments through a payment request link.

Example: Total Payments Accepted: 15

In this example 15 payments for this item will be accepted, after which customers clicking on the link will receive the message “Sold Out”.

Limit Per Customer

Limit purchases per customer. The default is set to “1”. After a customer has reached the allowed number of purchases they will not be able to purchase any further through the payment link.

Convenience Fee

Set up convenience fees to add additional one-time fees to each payment collected from your customers.

Allow Recurring Payments

This setting allows you to accept recurring payments for yours and your customer’s convenience.

Custom Receipt:

Add a custom message to include on the customer's emailed receipt.


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