Receiving a 'Pay by Text' Request

Once a merchant has sent out an SMS request for payment, the customer will receive a text message on their mobile device. This text will include a message from the merchant along with their DBA and two links.The first link will be the one that will direct them to the secure payment page. The second link will allow the customer to opt-out of receiving text message payment requests from this merchant in the future.

Once the customer has tapped on the payment link, it will open a browser page where they will need to enter in all required fields of the online form, check the I'm not a robot box then click the green Submit button

Next a new screen will display the secure payment page where the customer will be able enter in their desired form of payment (credit card or ACH information)

After the customer has successfully submitted their payment an onscreen receipt will appear. They will, however, also receive an automatically emailed receipt.


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