What Phones Are Supported?

The linked2pay mobile app is compatible with most Apple iOS devices running 10 or lower

Below you will find a list of phones that are supported for the use of the linked2pay mobile app.

Apple iOS Device Compatibility

Most Apple iOS devices are supported. Your Apple device needs to be running iOS 6.1 or higher. The app will be available on the Apple store. For a list of supported phones, reference the card reader(s) below.

Card Reader(s):


-IDTECH Shuttle

Android Device Compatibility

Your Android device needs to be running Android 2.3 or higher. The app will be available on the Google play store for supported devices. For a list of supported phones, reference the card reader(s) below.


Card Reader(s):

-IDTECH Shuttle


Devices Not Supported

Our mobile app does not support the following:

  • Windows devices
  • BlackBerry devices
  • Non-mobile devices, such as laptop and desktop computers
  • Unreleased or beta software versions for your device


Connecting a swiper to a mobile device

On your mobile (excluding desktops and laptops)

1. Make sure that you're IOS/Android device is on the latest software then install the linked2pay app
2. Open the app on the device
3. Log-in using the credentials you already have (username/password)
4. Once you are on the home screen on the app, select the gear that's located on the top-right hand corner (looks like a small circle), this is the Settings
5. Plug in the shuttle (card reader). The name of the shuttle should be facing you once pluggedin and make sure that the volume is all the way up after it has been plugged in
6. Select 'card readers' off of the drop down menu
7. Select 'ID tech Shuttle' or 'Shuttle'
8. Go back to home screen
9. Enter the email and amount
10. Tap on the 'swipe card' option; it should be blue
-If it is not blue, select 'Find Reader' and select Shuttle, it should turn blue now.

*If it doesn’t turn blue, then that’s a sign the mobile device isn’t compatible with the shuttle*

11. Once the 'swipe card' option has been tapped, a small box should appear that reads 'swipe card now'
12. Swipe the card, it’ll probably take a few swipes to get it right

13. You will then be directed to a signature screen- follow the directions from this point onward (sign and check the box that appears, confirming the payment)
14. You may then go back to the home screen and run another payment

When it comes to Android devices

When the app is first opened, it will ask you for the swiper name (if the swiper has never been plugged in before)
1. Select the 'Shuttle' off the list
2. Make sure the volume is all the way up
3. Proceed as directed above

Note: If you're on an Android and the screen with the selection of swipers doesn't automatically pop up, plug in the shuttle, raise volume and proceed to the Settings that are located on the right hand side of the screen.
-Select 'Card Readers' -> 'ID Tech Shuttle' or 'Shuttle' and then head back to the home screen and proceed as above.

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