Creating an Online Form

Follow these steps to build your Online Form:

1. To get started select Form Builder from the menu located on the left-hand side of the window

2. Once you get to the Form Builder page, click on the option to Add a Form

1. Form Settings

3. Start by naming your form in the Form Name field

4. Under Form Options, check the box to include your Customer ID. The Customer ID can be added to a form as a customer input field or as a drop down selection with data chosen from the Customer ID manager. To change the Customer ID label to something else, such as the Invoice No., you are able to do so under Customer ID label located in Settings

5. If you would like the secure payment page to stay on your website after a customer completes the online form instead of redirecting away from your site, simply enable On-Page Payment Option. The payment page is secured with EV 256 SSL encryption, the highest level available on the internet, regardless of if you choose to use the redirect method or the "On-Page" method.

Note: You are also able to integrate the form through Dropbox to your account.

6. When ready to proceed, select the Next button at the bottom of the page

2. Field Settings 

7. On the Field Settings page you can add any fields you wish to be included on your form. A basic form starts with First Name,Last Name, Email, and Amount. To add other fields to your form simply drag the desired field type to the displayed form

 8. After dragging the desired field to your form, the Field Settings section will show your options for the new field. Start by setting a Field Label, then check if this field should be required and if it will be displayed in the emailed receipts

Note: A field may be re-positioned by selecting the arrows under the field. You may also deleted a field by selecting the trash icon.

 9. After all desired fields have been added to your form select the Next button to proceed

3. Payment

10. The Payment section includes options to allow recurring payments on your form as well as including processing fees. Check the boxes to include desired options and then select Next

4. Customize Receipt 

11. The section titled Customize Receipt will allow you to enter a custom message to emailed receipts as well as a barcode if desired. When finished select Next

5. Save & Share

12. The final page in creating your form will include a hosted link to access your form. If you wish to make any changes you can go back to one of the previous pages or if your form is complete you may select Submit

Note: If you need help understanding the exact definition of each field type please refer to our Online Form Field Types Explained article.

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