Connecting My Shopping Cart

It is quick and easy to seamlessly integrate your existing online shopping cart to our Checkout feature so that you can process Credit Card transactions through your existing TSYS MultiPASS. Setup takes only a matter of minutes and requires little to no effort. 

To set up a shopping cart of your choice, simply: 

1. Login to your account and select Settings, which is located on the left-hand menu. 

2. Scroll down to the Credit Card Settings section and make sure the Connect Shopping Cart box is checked, once it is you will have to add a value to the MD5 Value field.

Example: checkout. 

3. Once your MD5 Value has been entered, click the Generate Transaction Key button. This action will generate both the Transaction Key as well as the URL. 

4. Once the Transaction Key and URL are visible, you are now ready to copy and paste these values into the cart of your choice.

For further information on connecting your shopping cart contact your shopping cart provider.

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