Creating a Report

These instructions provide an example of how to create a new report:

1. To get started select Create/View Reports from the sidebar menu

2. Select the time period that you would like to use to filter your results

3. Select your report options:

  • Remove Header – will remove column titles from your report, this option will only show data
  • Include Totals – this will total the dollar amounts at the bottom of the report
  • PDF File – this will create a PDF file report instead of the default Comma Separated View (CSV) report




4. Select the time period that you would like to use to filter your results




5. Select if your report will be All Items, an Email Template, Form, Virtual Terminal, Mobile or Recurring. Your data can be pulled from a specific Template or Form or if you have multiple online forms you can select all forms by choosing All...




6. Choose the fields that you would like to include from the Available fields section by clicking on the field name

7. Click the Add button to move them to your Selected fields list




8. Use the additional filters to narrow your search result




9. Click Save to save your report for future use or click 'display the results' to download your report immediately




Note: Once you have finished creating your report you can then Schedule your Emailed Reports.


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