Payment History

The payment history allows you to view transaction details for your account. The page can show requests, transactions, and allows you to search for a specific transaction by a Reference ID or Transaction #.

To view your payment history follow the steps below:

1. Log into your account with your merchant login.

2. Select Reporting and then select History.

3. Start by deciding if you wish to view Requests or Transactions. There is a toggle on the top right to select either option.

Requests: This table will show requested payments from customers and transactions.

Transactions: This table will show transactions with tabs to view All, ACHCredit Card, Future (scheduled payments), and ACH Returned.

Note: ACH and Credit Card options will only show if they are active on the account.

4. You may set a date range and filter payments to a specific form or template then click the Search.

5. The table will display details on the transactions in your set date range. If you would like to view further details for a transaction or request you may select the View button.

Note: you are also able to select the file icon below the history table to download that report type.


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