Short Pay

The Short Pay feature applies to invoices created in the Data Manager page which allows your customers to make a partial payment on an invoice with the ability to dispute an amount with or without a dispute reason. As your customer makes partial payments, remaining balances on partial payments for that invoice are tracked in your History reporting (along with any dispute reasons) until they are paid in full.

To enable the Short Pay feature on invoices:

  1. Log into your site
  2. Select Settings in the left-hand menu
  3. Navigate to Misc Settings, then to the Partial Payments section and click Edit. At this point, you are able to allow partial payments and turn on the Short Pay feature
  4. Apply your settings by clicking on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the Settings page

With Short Pay Enabled

As your customer submits a Form with their unique lookup value, they will be directed to their invoices page. There they will see a list of all current invoices and their remaining balances and can select one or all invoices to pay.

Your customers have the option to edit an invoice record and submit a partial payment, if there is a reason to dispute an amount they can enter the amount along with a reason for the dispute.

Note: Any file attachments associated with an invoice will also be available for your customer to download.

Once any necessary edits have been made, remaining balances will update and your customer will be able to select the invoice check boxes and proceed to the payment page by clicking on the Pay Selected button.

Payment records on invoices will be updated on your History Page; this can be viewed by clicking on the payment details of the transaction.

On the transaction details window collapse the Invoice Information menu to reveal partial payments or disputes made on the transaction.

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