Verifying a Customer's Bank Account

If you wish to verify your customers bank account, follow the instructions below:

1. Navigate to your Contacts

2. Select the bank icon, used to edit bank information for the client, located on the right-hand side of the client's row.

3. Select the blue Verify button for the account you wish to verify

Note: There must be an account attached to the contact to verify. You may add an account at this time or when you initially add the contact into your system. If needing to change or remove a bank account, select the pencil icon on the right hand side.


The customer will receive an email the following business day notifying of the request to verify their bank account with instructions on how to do so.

Note: At this time the status details will update to Emailed.

The customer will click the link in their email and be directed to a page to enter a ping amount that was sent to their bank account. This ping will be an amount less than a dollar (both a credit and debit).

Note: Check your status column to track the following:

  • Emailed: Customer has been sent the verify account request email
  • Viewed: Customer has clicked the link in their email, but has not verified their bank account
  • Verify Attempt One: The customer has entered the ping amount incorrectly
  • Failed: The customer has entered the ping amount incorrectly a second time and a new request will need to be sent


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