Creating a 'My Wallet' account

In order to view your payment history, you need to sign up for a customer login.:

Click the link in their email receipts labeled “View My Wallet”

To create an account, you need to provide the following information:

1)    Enter a Transaction # from any payment receipt

a. If you clicked on “View your payments” from your payment receipt, this information will automatically be configured for you.

2)    Provide the email address used for making payments
3)    Create a password

4)    Click Create Account

5)    Congratulations, you can view payment history and update your credit card payment information.

6)    Viewing your payment history is easy!  You can find specific payments by narrowing your search results with a:

a. Date range
b. Business (DBA) name
c. Transaction #

d. payment method
e. Req Amount

f. Paid Amt

g. payment dt


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