Enabling Same Day ACH

Before being able to send a Same Day ACH you must first enable this service.

You may do so by going to your Settings page then clicking on ACH Settings. Click on the Same Day tab on the top right corner of the ACH Settings portlet.

From there you will need to enable at least one security feature to process Same Day ACH transactions.  Enter your static IP Address and/or any authorized user’s 10-digit cell phone number.

When the Static IP address checkbox is selected, you will be able to submit Same Day ACH transaction if you are logged in with the specified IP address.

Also, when the Cell Phone Number checkbox is selected, all authorized cell phone users will be provided with a PIN that is sent via text message to authorized Same Day ACH processing.

Note: If the entered PIN does not match, the user will be denied access to the Same Day ACH service.

Once you have entered all the required information, select the 'Enable Same Day ACH' at the bottom of the section.



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