Funding Same Day ACH

Once Same Day ACH has been approved you will receive a Funding email to fund your balance for Same Day ACH Credits. By clicking on the Add Funds button located within your email you will be redirected to your portal’s dashboard. There you will use the My Balance tile to submit funding transactions. 

You will see your real-time balance and will be able to add additional funds to your Same Day ACH balance by clicking on Fund Me on your dashboard portal.  Upon submission of funds, the transaction will have a 'Pending' status, once funds have cleared the status will change to say 'Funded'. 

There will be a cut off time for all Same Day ACH of 12:00PM ET. All transactions that are submitted after 12:00 PM ET will be processed the next day.

Funding is based on your approved ACH limits. The max amount that can be sent in one transaction is based on the 'ACH Daily Limit' and the max amount that may be funded is based on the 'ACH Hard Limit'.

Along with funding your balance you will see an 'Approved Limit' and 'Percentage to Reserve. Your approved limit is the maximum limit you are approved for; however, to get that maximum limit you will need to fund your reserve account equal to the percentage set on the 'Percentage to Reserve'.

Example:  if you were approved for to receive $100,000 in Same Day ACH payments, and a 15% reserve was also set then you will need to fund $15,000. You can fund less than $15,000 but your actual limit will also be reduced.

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