Using Virtual Terminal for Same Day ACH

Using Virtual Terminal for Same Day ACH

One way to process a Same Day ACH Credit will be within the Virtual Terminal. You can either edit an existing terminal or make a new one. In the first step of the Virtual Terminal there will be a drop down that will ask “Do you want to send Same Day ACH credit?”, select yes and proceed to the end of all the steps.

Once Same Day ACH is enabled on the Virtual Terminal a new payment method will be displayed on the terminal. Upon submission you will be asked to provide your PIN that is sent to your cell phone via SMS.  If PIN matches, transaction will be submitted.

Single Same Day ACH transactions may not exceed $25,000. Also as credits are processed, it will subtract from current Pre-Funding balance. If a credit transaction will exceed the Prefunding balance a displayed message will say “Cannot process transaction, amount exceeds the Pre-Funding Balance”. Transaction will not be submitted for processing.


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