Sending Bulk Payments

NoteIn order to utilize Send Payment services you must first request the service.

Once your Send Payment service request has been verified you may select Emails from the left-hand menu, and then Send Payment.

On the Send Payment page, you will see a green button labeled Bulk Upload.

Upon clicking this button a new window will pop up, at the bottom of that window you will see a link labeled Download Sample File. Download that file to use as a guide for creating your own file.   


The following tips are for you to make sure the file you intend to upload is in the proper format:

  • The file must be a CSV file
  • First row should contain header information.
  • Several contact names attached to a singular email will result in those contacts being rejected from the system.
  • Data must be mapped with the correct format e.g:
    • Company Name - 50 characters - Name of the business if a business account
    • First Name - 50 characters - first name of account
    • Last Name - 50 characters - last name of account
    • Email - 50 characters - recipient email address
    • Cc Email - 50 characters - Carbon copy email address
    • Bcc Email - 50 characters - Blind carbon copy email address
    • Phone - 50 characters - Recipient phone number
    • Mobile Phone - 10 characters - Recipient cell phone number (required if sending SMS)
    • Invoice - 25 characters - Invoice number
    • Address1 - 50 characters - Recipient address
    • Address2 - 50 characters - Recipient address 2
    • City - 50 characters - Recipient city
    • State - 2 characters - Recipient state
    • Zip - 5 characters - Recipient Zip code
    • Memo - 50 characters - Memo message to be printed on check
    • Amount - 25 characters - Dollar Amount
    • Message - 100 characters - Message to be displayed on the body of email request
    • Deliver Type- 1 character - (E) - send request by email (P) – send request by SMS
    • Recurring Payment - 1 characters - Used to identify if recurring payment, leave blank if one time transaction Weekly (W), Monthly (M), Quarterly (Q) or Annually (Y)
    • Occurances - 3 characters - Used to identify number of recurring payments, leave blank if one time transaction

Once your file is ready to upload, navigate back to the Bulk Upload pop up window and select the blue button labeled + Choose CSV file. When the file is ready to be uploaded you may then click the green Submit button. Upon submission emails will be sent out to each recipient to accept the payment.


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