CustomerConnect FAQs

Q. What is the difference between a credit check and a credit check with automated payment terms?

A credit check does not create a contract nor does it require your client to create terms.

Q. What happens if your customer declines the terms you set for them?

They become a Verified Contact in the system that is not enabled for automated payments, instead they receive a request that they must approve.

Q. Are users allowed to change terms?

Your company admin for the platform decides wether the terms are fixed or if a user is allowed to change them.

Q. How can I resolve a dispute?

Your customers are able to dispute an invoice by following these steps:

Click on the link to their wallet, (found in the notices they receive for transactions) upon clicking, a message box will appear.


Display message box - Contact enters an explanation of their dispute.

Display Field "Invoice Amount" - Displays the invoices current balance

Display field "Dispute Amount" - Allows contact to enter an amount to dispute.

Click "Save" - When saved, invoice status will change to "Disputed" and an email notification will go out to the merchant.

Q. Can CustomerConnect be used with recurring payments?

Yes, the Platform supports recurring payments at all levels.

Q. Does CustomerConnect support discounts for early payment?

No, CustomerConnect does not support discounts for early payments.

Q. Can CustomerConnect be used just as an automated credit application?

Yes, running an automated credit application will create a Verified Contact.

Q. Who sets what is considered a passing credit score?

The CustomerConnect underwriting team determines the passing credit scores. We have underwritten thousands of clients to this standard and this is how we make our decisions of who we extend credit to.

Q. Does CustomerConnect work with existing invoicing software?

Yes, you can key them into the interface or via the API to automate payments for your Authorized Contacts.

Q. Can CustomerConnect be used to automate payments?

Yes, your client simply has to fill out the credit app and agree to the payment terms, this then creates an Authorized Contact that you can automate payments for.

Q. Are partial payments supported in CustomerConnect?

Yes, but only for Payment Requests - The Merchant sets the minimum percentage of payment that is required. These settings are available throughout the Platform for different modalities and can be set as defaults.

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