External Invoices

The External Invoices enables users to submit a “faux invoice” for a CustomerConnect verified contact. This is for the purpose of a client using an external invoicing system but want to use CustomerConnect’s automatic payments feature.

To enable, navigate SETTINGS > INVOICE SETTINGS:

In the Invoice Settings page there is a switch to enable "External Invoices", once enabled a new menu item will display under EMAILS.

“Are you sending your invoices through and external system?”

  • YES – if selected, then expose new sidebar menu “External Invoice” under the "Emails" dropdown



Save your settings and either refresh your page or log out and back in to see a new menu item under EMAILS for EXTERNAL INVOICE.

Payments can be added by entering them in the EXTERNAL INVOICE page or by utilizing our API.


On this page you select who you wish to bill, enter the associated invoice number from your external system, the payment terms and the balance due.


If selecting an "Autopay contact", you will see the following icon - icon.png

Click submit to finalize the transaction.

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