Credit Checks with Automated Payments

To automate payments with your credit checks you must first set your terms.

To add and edit terms for your credit checks, navigate to the Payment Terms tab.


From here, the first terms you set are the payment date for checks for both "Passing Credit Scores" and "Failing Credit Scores". These terms then become your default settings related to those scores.

Below the passing/failing credit terms settings you can choose to allow your contacts to opt out of automated payments, if they choose to opt out then they become a Verified Contact. As an Admin, you can also choose to allow your Portal users to edit the terms of your credit checks. If you select "No", then those users won’t have access to the Payment Terms tab. Lastly, you can choose to apply a late fee for past due invoices if you use the linked2pay/paycosmos invoicing system. This can be set from the Invoice Settings as a percentage or as a flat rate.


Upon submission, an email will be sent to notify you of a completed app to be reviewed.

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