Glossary of Terms

Authorized Contact - a customer that has accepted your terms, provided their payment and credit information and has signed your agreement for automated payments.

Verified Contact - a customer that has provided their credit and payment information but has not signed your terms of agreement.

The Merchant - is the company using the linked2pay platform for their business. There are two levels in the portal for merchants: admin and user. Admin has more controls than a user.

Client - This is referring to the client of the Merchant; the person/entity the Merchant wishes to verify.

Customer – This is referring to our customer, also referred to as the Merchant.

The Platform - the entire linked2pay/paycosmos technology system. The Platform provides risk and payments solutions to deliver ACH, credit card, RTP, IMS and check processing automation

Automated Payment - an Authorized Contact payment that is automatically processed on the agreed due date.

Payment Request - is an invoice, email, text, or is sent via any other available method on the platform, that can be sent to any Contact, to request payment for goods/services.

Customer Wallet - a secure webpage that enables customers to view invoices and transactions. It also lets them make updates to card or bank account information and to revoke payment authorization

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